UAB Siris LT was founded in 2018 . Our team includes qualified specialists oriented towards innovations, dedicated to finding new and improved solutions in the ship building industry.

Main activities of the company:

– ship repair,

– ship building,

– production of metal structures,

– HVAC systems installation,

– supervision,

– piping.

We are close to every client, every partner, every project,in any part of the world.

– We rely on people, their knowledge, experience and ability to create ship repairs and building projects.

– We ensure mastership creating shipbuilding and repairs solutions.

– We want our clients to be satisfied with our work, this is how we build the company’s value.


We are striving to become your reliable partner by revealing our mastership in ship building and repairs solutions. Special attention is paid to what we know best. We want to be an innovative, competitive, businesslike company


To be an example of business structure in the sphere of ship building and repairs. To establish ourselves firmly on the ship building market.


– Clients’ trust.
– Encouragement and respect to people, following the highest business ethics standards.
– Social responsibility based on trust and transparency among the suppliers, clients, employees.
– Safety and health of the employees.
– Environment protection.
– Economical and financial stability.